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Like to Sing? 

Wednesday, March 31st @ 6PM

Join our Worship Team for a special rehearsal this night as we prepare to lead the congregation musically for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter.  We'd love to "swell our ranks" for these special services.  Even if you can't commit to singing each Sunday, come and lend your voice for these three special services.

Maundy Thursday/

Passover Seder

April 1st @ 6PM

This year, we're transforming our fellowship hall into an "Upper Room," simulating that night when Jesus and His disciples met to celebrate the Jews' miraculous exodus from Egypt.  Expect lowered tables, pillows and floor seating (chairs around the perimeter for those needing that)  candlelight and all the traditional Passover foods (roasted lamb, unleavened bread, wine, bitter herbs, etc..)  This is the night during which Jesus instituted what we now call Holy Communion.  Tableside communion, as well as foot washing ( which Jesus did that night as a symbol of servanthood) along with special music should make for a memorable evening.  

Good Friday

April 2nd @ 6PM

Tonight's service will be a "Tenebrae," a service of darkness.  As each of Jesus' last seven "Words" from the cross are read and meditated upon, candles are extinguished, plunging our sanctuary into utter darkness by the end.  Were it not for Jesus' sacrificial death on our behalf, our future would be bleak indeed--but what makes this terrible Friday "good" is that Jesus made a way possible for us to receive abundant and eternal life.  The joy of Easter can be experienced more fully when you've walked through this "valley of the shadow of death."

Holy Saturday Work Day

April 3rd from 9AM to 12PM 

Let's come together as a family of faith this morning and get our building and grounds ship-shape for Resurrection Sunday!  There will be tasks inside and outside of the building --cleaning, raking, trimming, decorating for Easter and various smaller projects.  Many hands make light work!  We'll end with a pizza lunch at 12 noon.  The last of The Rock, The Road and The Rabbi Lenten studies will take place immediately after our lunch, from 12:30PM to 2:00PM.  Those not having participated in the previous sessions are welcome to sit in on this final episode which addresses the topics of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.

Easter/Resurrection Day

Sunday, April 4th @ 10AM

"He is risen!"  Join us for a glorious celebration of Jesus' resurrection--and what that means for us!  Floral tributes, banners unfurled, special music and joyous praise are all part of today's celebration. Invite your family and friends to join you!  After worship, as is our tradition, we'll step outside for a quick congregational photo, and then adjourn to our fellowship hall for an Easter Brunch.  This will be our first formal fellowship event in a long time (due to COVID-19) so we're planning on doing it up big!  Bring a dish to share!  "He is risen indeed!"


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