Upcoming Events

We encourage our church family to get together inside AND outside of worship times. Our church offers a range of social, learning and volunteer events that help strengthen our members as individuals and as a community.


This past June...

What great times we've had lately!  

  • Our Father's Day post-worship lunch was delicious and well-attended with our dads duly honored.  

  • The dinner with the Webbs (our visiting missionary family) was super-fun--such great food and fellowship as we connected with these dedicated servants of the Lord on leave from their assignment in Chad.  

  • The Buffalo House dinner with Roy Weigand of Roy's Ride was also terrific with a hamburger cookout and time to chat with Roy and his friends.  (Roy was riding his bike 1,000 from LA to Albuquerque raising funds to drill two wells on the Navajo Rez.)  

Coffee after worship.jpeg

Coffee Fellowship

Starting Sunday, June 4--after a 1+ year hiatus--we'll be resuming our post-worship coffee fellowships.  We've missed this time of weekly reconnecting and are looking forward to it once again.  A sign-up sheet to host one of these fellowships is available in the fellowship room.  We want to keep it simple: Coffee/water/beverage and cookies or fruit.  Let's not set the bar so high that it's hard for some to host.  Thanks to all!


Our Guests

While Pastor Jeff and Mary are on vacation, we're so blessed with the leadership of so many others!  Here's our worship schedule during the Johnsons' absence:

  • 1st Sundays of the month (Holy Communion): July 4 (Pastor Steve Theil), August 1 (Pastor Carol Peters), September 5 (Pastor Dennis Nelson)

  • 2nd Sundays of the month: Our very own Jeff Hill!

  • 3rd Sundays of the month: Our very own Youth For Christ co-leader, Jerad Burgess

  • 4th Sundays of the month: Our very own Tim Dixon (July 25), Darla Steege (August 22) and Jody Gill (September 26)

  • 5th Sunday of the month (August 29): Pastor Stephen Gerton, also offering Holy Communion.  (Stephen is the father of Elizabeth Courteau and grandfather to Israel, Trinity and Ian.)


Thursday Bible Study

  • Elizabeth Courteau will be leading a one-session Bible study on Thursday, July 15, 6pm at Peace 

  • Darla Steege will lead another study on Thursday, August 12, 6pm at Peace

  • Katie Hill will lead a third study on Thursday, September 9, 6pm, also at Peace.  

Be sure to take advantage of these special studies by these special teachers!