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Make an Impact and Please Give what you can. 


Because, at this point, we are a small congregation, we depend upon the gifts of our friends and former members to help us finance our ministry.  Certainly our current members provide the bulk of our giving--and are indeed very generous! --but we need outside assistance in order to carry out the work we believe God has called us to do.  Can you help?  Ongoing or one-time gifts are greatly appreciated--and needed!  Here are some options for supporting us...

  • ·         Checks can be payable to Peace Lutheran Church and mailed to us at

105 Svenson Street, Holbrook, AZ 86025

  • ·         Arrangements can be made for automatic deductions from your checking or savings account with either direct deposits to our checking account here at Peace or mailing a weekly/monthly/periodic check.  Contact us for details concerning how this can be done.

  • ·         Use the convenient PayPal system (Donate Button) above or belowJust click the button and go!  If you don't already have a PayPal account, setting one up is quick and easy--and we'd appreciate it!


Are you a part of the Thrivent family?  If so, this wonderful financial planning organization gives away millions of dollars annually to various Christian ministries worldwide.  Peace Lutheran is the recipient of several thousand dollars of benevolent money from Thrivent annually, all because investors have cited Peace to be their "Choice Dollars" recipient.  If you're a Thrivent member and haven't designated any ministry to receive your "Choice Dollars" money, we'd be grateful to receive these funds. Also, each Thrivent member has one or two "Action Team Projects" which can be done annually.  With each project comes a $250 VISA gift card to assist in the expenses of that project, which can be a fundraiser (e.g. Youth For Christ car wash) or service project (e.g. our Fall Work Day). By the end of 2021 we will have engaged in 32 Action Team projects, totaling $8,000 of 'seed money' benefitting both our congregation and many outside efforts (e.g. our local library).  If you're not a Thrivent member, we'd encourage you to contact these good folks for assistance in stewarding the resources God has given you. 

Paul Meier is our local Thrivent representative and can be reached in nearby Lakeside:

 928-367-6682, toll free at 800-795-3718 or paul.meier@thrivent.com.)


Our 2021 Christmas Bazaar is history!  Thanks to ALL (over 75 volunteers) for making our tenth annual fundraiser the success it was.  Not only did we blessed a LOT of people with some incredible bargains and provide a forum for a community get-together, we raised nearly $20,000.  Awesome!


In early 2019, we engaged in a mission enhancement campaign called Forward In Faith!  (See Video Button Below) Our goal was to raise $150,000 over three years to strengthen the financial base of our congregation.  Initial pledges fell short of that goal, but supporters still pledged $125,000--and we remain hopeful that the remaining $25,000 will come to us in some form or fashion.  To date, we have received $92,500--over half of what was pledged--and we thank God for this additional income.  It has allowed us to meet our budget during the last two tight fiscal years, we've put $20,000 back into our "rainy day" account for emergencies, we paid for the reconditioning of our I-40 billboard, we have tithed all the income that has come in (blessing other ministries with $5,380 in 2019) and we have recently paid for our new church roof with these funds.  What a blessing it's been to have these additional funds!  We thank Pastor John Cross of Connections Stewardship Ministry who led us in this endeavor.  We look forward to a successful resurgence and completion of this campaign.