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Praying Together



A greater understanding that all we have is a gift from God leads us to being good stewards, manage our resources wisely and to give more generously. What we give is in response to what He has already provided. Your gift is to God who uses His church to transform the world and His Kingdom.


  • Ways to Give: Pick what works best for you! ¨

  • In person: place your gift in the offering plate ¨

  • By mail: Peace Lutheran Church, 105 Svenson St, Holbrook, AZ 86025

  • For Automatic Deduction from checking or saving, contact us for details

  • Via PayPal: Click donate box below


Ways for Thrivent members to give!

  • Choice dollars

  • Action Team Projects


For more information call local Thrivent representative Paul Meier

928-367-6682, toll free at 800-795-3718 


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