About the City of Holbrook Arizona

 Founded in 1881, Holbrook is a true wild west town!  Hold-ups, shoot-outs and hangings are all a part of our history.  Located in the high desert of eastern Arizona (5,000 feet elevation), we're just a dozen miles south of the Navajo Nation, the largest, most intact Native American community in North America.  Of the 5,000 people living in Holbrook, 25% are Native Americans (mostly Navajos, but  also Hopis, Apaches and members of other tribes), 25% are Mexican-American (Arizona's proximity to Mexico enriches us with this wonderful culture) and about 44% of our folk are Caucasian, with the remainder mostly African-American.  Every day on our streets and stores, you'll hear Navajo, Spanish and English spoken--and because of the many tourists which visit, you'll also hear many other languages.  Holbrook is an historically and culturally rich community.

     The seat for Navajo County, Holbrook, like the rest of Arizona, enjoys sunny skies most days, but unlike the areas of lower elevation (e.g. Phoenix, Tucson), we delight in cooler temperatures.  We have long springs (with considerable winds) and autumns and even the occasional wintertime snowfall!  While hot in the summer months, our low humidity makes for lovely mornings and evenings.  Except for the winds, we love our weather!      

      You can find a lot of statistics concerning our city on-line or by checking out the City of Holbrook website itself.  Our Chamber of Commerce is another good source of information concerning our fair city.

     Holbrook began as a transportation center (Holbrook was named after the first chief engineer of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad) and continues today to be a transportation and business hub for this part of Arizona.  Many residents work in the transportation industry, as well as for the government (city, county, state, federal) and in businesses related to tourism.  With the Petrified Forest National Park  practically in our backyard (20 miles away), as well as being only three hours  away from the Grand Canyon National Park, there is snow skiing at Sunrise Ski Resort in the nearby White Mountains and at the Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff.  Holbrook enjoys a plethora of other scenic, natural and cultural wonders within easy driving distance. Our residents find employment in the many hotels, restaurants and service stations scattered along historic Route 66 which cuts through our community. 

      There has been talk for years about the possibility of a potash mining operation beginning in the area but none of us are holding our breath on that one!   There is a large pig farm out in the country to the south of us, as well as other agricultural endeavors.  Despite our arid environment, many of our local residents enjoy gardening--and plans are underway for a new community garden adjacent to our very nice local library.  We're blessed with good, adequate water in Holbrook!

      There are two elementary schools (Hulet and Park) plus a junior high and high school within our city.  We're proud of the excellence of our local schools.  We're also grateful to have an exceptionally good community college campus in our town.  The Northland Pioneer College, with branches in several regional communities, offers a variety of courses both on-site and via the internet. 

     Medically speaking, we're blessed with several doctor's offices, including dental and vision care, plus a pharmacy.  If hospitalization is required, the nearest facility is the Little Colorado Medical Center in Winslow (1/2 hour west on I-40) but the Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center in Show Low (45 miles south on Hwy. 77) and the Flagstaff Medical Center (90 miles west on I-40) provide top-notch medical services. 

      Religiously speaking, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) are dominant within this region (51% of Holbrook's population claims LDS affiliation) and, because of the large Mexican-American influence, the Roman Catholic Church is the second most popular church with 20% of Holbrook's population.  Many Native Americans practice their native religion but many also belong to other faith groups.  Protestants are the minority here in Holbrook with Calvary Chapel attracting the most adherents.  Lutherans in Holbrook have always only been a handful--but we're praying that may change! 

     So...Holbrook has a rich history, a culturally and religiously diverse population, an economy that, we hope, will grow significantly in the near future, and a kaleidoscope of natural and scenic attractions within just a few miles.  We think it's one of the friendliest towns around--and we invite you to come and experience it!  Whether as a visitor for a few days or as a long-term resident, we think you'll like what you find.  And we hope you'll make Peace Lutheran Church your church home while here!