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Country singer Johnny Wales can't seem to put his guilt behind him. The only thing that is constant in Johnny's life has been his taste for alcohol. Plagued with one wrong decision after the next, Johnny's finally ready to quit losing and start over. Johnny doesn't know where to begin, especially when temptation is lurking around every corner. He loses the support of loved ones and his career. After Johnny finally hits rock bottom, it's time for him to stick to his guns. But Johnny needs help along the way. When a stranger named Abner arrives, Johnny's life turns upside down. Abner walks alongside Johnny to help him overcome his trials and addictions, and when Johnny fails, Abner is there to pick him back up. Once he recognizes that the only way to get ahead in his life is to follow Abner's guidance, Johnny must make some big choices.

Available as an Audiobook version through, written by author Justin C. Trout and narrated by Joseph Earl Johnson (Pastor Jeff & Mary's son & our Church Webmaster) you'll find the story extremely compelling--and germane to life today. For free audiobook purchase coupons, please contact Pastor Jeff. Also available through on paperback/Kindle/audio, The Ballad of Johnny Wales is a good Lenten read dealing with issues of addiction, pride, sin--and redemption.

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