Church Council 2021


Top, left to right: Gail Buonviri, Pastor Jeff Johnson, Jeremy Madison, Mike Burks

Bottom, left to right: Vicki King, Katie Hill, Irma Carpenter, Junior Castellano

Our Church Council President is Vicki King.  Originally from Iowa, Vicki is a lifelong Lutheran (from a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod background) and has recently retired from a career as a registered nurse, most recently serving as the nurse-educator at the Little Colorado Medical Center in Winslow, where she lives.  Hers is the cheerful voice of welcome at the start of each of our worship services!  Jeremy Madison is our Vice President.  He teaches business and economics at our Holbrook High School, as well as coaching basketball and golf.  Hailing from Oregon originally, Jeremy is married to Gretchen and they delight in seeing little Olivia, now 3, grow. Our Council Secretary is Gail Buonviri, who also hails from Winslow.  Originally from New York (Long Island), Gail had a military career before moving to Arizona and working for the Navajo County Health Department, traveling extensively on the nearby reservations.  Now retired, Gail is enjoying the new experience of being a grandmother!  Katie Hill is our very capable Treasurer, leading a very active life as mother (to five children, teens and young adults), accountant (to a few long-standing businesses in the Valley), treasurer for the Bread of Life Mission plus wife to husband Jeff, and a good neighbor and friend to many.  Katie comes from Colorado originally.  Serving as our Financial Secretary is Germany-born Irma Carpenter.  What a great job Irma does receiving, counting and depositing our money, keeping excellent records at every step of the way!  Irma recently retired as the manager of QK, the accounting agency that took care of the payroll for all the Denny's restaurants in the West.  Irma is an active grandmother and is married to Charlie. Junior Castellano, born in Mexico, grew up in southern California and spent most of his adult years in Yuma, AZ.  He is married to Kory and is the father of three.  Junior manages the Love's Truckstop in nearby Joseph City.  Mike Burks is the only native Arizonan on our Council having grown up in nearby Joseph City.  Mike is married to La'Dell and teaches CADD and Film & TV at Holbrook High School.  Only two of our Council members (Vicki and Irma) come from a Lutheran background--very indicative of the makeup of our congregation in general.  Barbara Justman, another of our charter members, serves as our sacristan, making sure our chancel is ready-for-worship.  Tim Dixon, who grew up in nearby Joseph City, takes good care of our yard/landscape.

All of our other members, as the need arises, step up-to-the-plate to provide leadership and assistance.  We are family here at Peace--and all family members play an important part! 




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